10 years

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10 years of bedtime stories. 10 years of songs or chatting before bed. 10 years of growing, soaring, becoming who you are. 10 years of being your mom, guiding you, letting you find your own way, you and me learning … Continued

Elaine Michele Denton

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Hi! Welcome to my personal website. I am a mom of three little ones, wife, graphic designer and an active citizen. I have a love for making things. I have been freelancing for the past 8 years as iamme interactive … Continued

August @ 18 months

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says airplane, up, up & away, mama, ball, so many words <3 knows all his animals sounds keeps up with his brother & sister rode a pony climbs everything, is part monkey is amazing baby until you want him to … Continued

August @ 10 months

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trying to stand more & more crawling sometime on his hands & feet enjoys bouncing in his bouncer eats everything in sight crawls with one knee & one foot & is getting fast think it is hilarious if we try … Continued

August @ 9 Months

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weighs 21 lbs 14 oz Is 29 & 1/2 inches tall Is officially crawling on his hands & knees says mama & dada loves playing with the puppies especially Apollo. Apollo will give August kisses & clean his ears loves … Continued

August @ 6 Month

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Has tried sweet potato & peas  Loves to hold the spoon himself but mostly just spits it out  Spent a night away from mommy and did great (Mommy did a painting night & spent the night at Ashley’s for her … Continued

August @ 5 Months

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   Weighs 16 lbs & 10 ounces  Is 27 1/2″ tall Was a champ at his doctors apt this month & with his shots Traveled to Buffalo to see his cousins Can get his butt in the air when he … Continued

August @ 4 Months

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   Loves to be outside. Going for a walk in the stroller, swinging in the backyard, laying on a blanket in the grass or on the trampoline. Is ticklish under the arms, feet & on his right side when I … Continued