10 years

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10 years of bedtime stories. 10 years of songs or chatting before bed. 10 years of growing, soaring, becoming who you are. 10 years of being your mom, guiding you, letting you find your own way, you and me learning … Continued

Think. Work. Do.

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Think. Work. Do. I always get stuck on the thinking part. Too much thinking not enough doing. #doodling #thinking Doodle from 2015. Still true in 2021.

I love getting mail!

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I have always loved getting mail, but as we have been stuck home during this pandemic for almost of 2020, my love for getting mail has increased even more. Thank you mail carriers!!

They told me

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They told me racism was over. They told me we are all equal and free. They told me this was the greatest country. They lied. And I didn’t realize this until a white supremacist was elected the President of the … Continued

Read. Think. Listen. Question. Vote.

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When you get elected there is no defined job description. You have responsibilities like attending meetings, but it’s really on the individual to figure out how they want to fill their role as an elected official. 6 months in here … Continued

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