Lionel @ 2 and 1/2

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   weighs 34 pounds Does what he wants Gets upset if he can’t do want he wants Everything must be fun  Is fully potty trained (still working on night time) Is a very silly kid, loves to make you and … Continued

August @ 2 Months

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   Loves kicking off blankets, he is never covered in the morning  Loves being wrapped up with mommy! He gives a big smile when he sees me getting ready.  Sleeps great at night almost 7 hours!! Just one feeding around … Continued

August Knight @ 1 month

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 weighs 11lbs is 23.5″ tall Loves watching faces Enjoys belly time, lifts his head right off the floor & moves his arms & legs like he is ready to crawl Loves naked time & peeing during it usually when … Continued