August @ 18 months

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  • says airplane, up, up & away, mama, ball, so many words <3
  • knows all his animals sounds
  • keeps up with his brother & sister
  • rode a pony
  • climbs everything, is part monkey
  • is amazing baby until you want him to do something he doesn’t want to do
  • go pee pee in the potty occasionally
  • calls everyone Mama
  • loves saying ball & pointing to all the basketball hoops when we go for walks
  • rides a 3 wheeler scooter
  • loves playing in water (shallow water), he likes to touch & splash
  • loves rocks ever since vacation at Lake Michigan
  • likes going with kids to daycare at Lena’s
  • does so many art projects with her there
  • is a great eater, loves pretty much all food but he has his picky days
  • has all teeth except 4 or (2)? middle ones
  • loves giving kisses but can’t just give one, has to give one to everyone

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