August @ 10 months

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  • trying to stand more & more
  • crawling sometime on his hands & feet
  • enjoys bouncing in his bouncer
  • eats everything in sight
  • crawls with one knee & one foot & is getting fast
  • think it is hilarious if we try to chase him
  • says mama, dada & ball
  • loves to put toys/objects into other objects boxes, bigger toys anything (mama’s lap)
  • sits on his knees
  • spins in circle on his butt
  • has 2 teeth on bottom 4 on top
  • in 18 months clothes
  • love bath time sits in his baby tub, puts his face in the water & splashes everywhere
  • likes to watch brother & sister in the tub too
  • waves hi & bye & is starting to sign some
  • loves peek a boo
  • takes his socks off constantly

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