August @ 6 Month

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  • Has tried sweet potato & peas 
  • Loves to hold the spoon himself but mostly just spits it out 
  • Spent a night away from mommy and did great (Mommy did a painting night & spent the night at Ashley’s for her 30th birthday!!)
  • Just wants to watch & play with sister & brother all day long 
  • Laughs & giggles at Caprice 
  • Can sit up by himself 
  • Still seems to eat on demand every 2-3 hours
  • Likes to take a small nap in the morning around 10
  • Then sometimes takes one long nap in the afternoon or 2 little ones throughout the rest of the day
  • Can roll on his belly & back to his back
  • He is getting his legs underneath himself on his belly 
  • He can push up with his legs on his back and scoot backwards
  • Loves going for walks in the stroller
  • Not a huge fan of being in the carrier, he would rather stroll
  • Loves his bouncer 
  • Puts everything in his mouth and has amazing hand rye coordination 
  • Holds his bottle when he gets one
  • Loves sleeping with mom & dad
  • Is outgrowning his baby bathtub and his 9 MONTH clothes!!
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Enjoys sitting on his little potty and does pretty good going pee pee in it

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