August Knight @ 1 month

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 weighs 11lbs is 23.5″ tall Loves watching faces Enjoys belly time, lifts his head right off the floor & moves his arms & legs like he is ready to crawl Loves naked time & peeing during it usually when … Continued

Mini Feedings

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All these little mini Feedings are going to catch up with me. Although I feel like it probably best for my boobs. Just feel like August knows exactly what’s best for himself & mommy. Smart Boy.

Lionel @ 18 Months

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…weighs …is tall …is one crazy man …loves his daddy especially after bath time currently he won’t let him go …loves his sister and is getting better at taking turns and sharing …likes to push Capri which she isn’t a … Continued

Mom Tip

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Sick of watching the same movie over and over again? Watch in a different language. I love Toy Story 3. When you choose a different language everything changes. What a great way to expose your kids to a different language. … Continued


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It’s amazing how much they grow when they are away for you for 8 hours. & It’s amazing how they grow when they are with you for 8 hours. Loving life with my 2.5 year old, 17 month old and … Continued