August @ 2 Months

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  •  Loves kicking off blankets, he is never covered in the morning 
  • Loves being wrapped up with mommy! He gives a big smile when he sees me getting ready. 
  • Sleeps great at night almost 7 hours!! Just one feeding around 4 or 5
  • Then sleeps till 8 even if Capri and Lionel get up at 7
  • Just lights up with every smile
  • Likes looking in mirrors 
  • Starting to play on his playmat, hitting the toys with his hands
  • Not a huge fan of tummy time but squirms all over the place
  • Loved kicking his feet
  • Follows you with his eyes & face
  • Is a Taylor Swift fan and Burlesque fan 
  • Has almost out grown most of his 3 month clothes 
  • Cooing and Goo Gooing away
  • Tries to giggle when he is really happy or sometimes in his dream <3

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