August @ 4 Months

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   Loves to be outside. Going for a walk in the stroller, swinging in the backyard, laying on a blanket in the grass or on the trampoline. Is ticklish under the arms, feet & on his right side when I … Continued

August @ 3 Months

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 This little boy is amazing! Such a happy and good little boy.  Sleeps through the night  Stays up with us at night sometimes & loves laying between us in our bed as we read Laughs!! So cute, smiles so big! … Continued

Lionel @ 2 and 1/2

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   weighs 34 pounds Does what he wants Gets upset if he can’t do want he wants Everything must be fun  Is fully potty trained (still working on night time) Is a very silly kid, loves to make you and … Continued

August @ 2 Months

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   Loves kicking off blankets, he is never covered in the morning  Loves being wrapped up with mommy! He gives a big smile when he sees me getting ready.  Sleeps great at night almost 7 hours!! Just one feeding around … Continued

August Knight @ 1 month

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 weighs 11lbs is 23.5″ tall Loves watching faces Enjoys belly time, lifts his head right off the floor & moves his arms & legs like he is ready to crawl Loves naked time & peeing during it usually when … Continued

Mini Feedings

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All these little mini Feedings are going to catch up with me. Although I feel like it probably best for my boobs. Just feel like August knows exactly what’s best for himself & mommy. Smart Boy.

Lionel @ 18 Months

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…weighs …is tall …is one crazy man …loves his daddy especially after bath time currently he won’t let him go …loves his sister and is getting better at taking turns and sharing …likes to push Capri which she isn’t a … Continued

A Website is Never done.

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The word redesign is starting to bugging me. Technology is changing hourly nowadays. Your website or even your brand shouldn’t need a redesign if they were done correctly. It just needs updating and maintenance. Let’s update our websites and designs to embrace … Continued

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