August @ 4 Months

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  • Loves to be outside. Going for a walk in the stroller, swinging in the backyard, laying on a blanket in the grass or on the trampoline.
  • Is ticklish under the arms, feet & on his right side when I give him kisses on his cheeks & neck 
  • Loves holding hands 
  • Still seems to be eating every 2-3 hours sometimes 3-4 hours. 
  • Sleeps through the night feeding once or twice 
  • Is in 6 month clothes 
  • Loves naked time & peeing with no diaper on 
  • Tried putting him in the potty, hated the first time I think the hard plastic scared him, but will sit (with lots of help) on his little potty for a little while cracking it out 
  • Loves Mommy’s boobs. 
  • Is such a good baby but he is starting to get angry if we put him down, decides he’s hungry, not a fan of diaper changes 
  • Smiles & laughs with you <3
  • Likes to play peak a boo with blankets putting them over his head
  • Is always kicking he is so long
  • Favorite belly time is on mommy & daddy’s chest

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