Lionel @ 9 Months

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weighs 19.75
tall 24″?
likes to stand up & doesn’t mind when he falls
loves eating everything we do favorites are meats, chicken, hamburger, turkey burger, steak, potatoes, sweet potatoes, PUFFs, yogurt usually with some kind of fruit
Pulls himself up on Everything
Claps his hands
Uses the potty pretty well especially for #2’s
Loves loves loves his sister
Crawls all around on his hands and knees and still is wants to start walking
Just started climbing the stairs
First time in the pool at JCC & Green Lakes
Takes baths with no bath seat now. And crawls and stands the whole time. It’s hard to clean him as he just goes and goes and goes. He loves loves his bath & the water. Comes a crawling when he heard the water.
Sleeps on his side or his belly
Is crazy ticklish

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