Caprice @ 2

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Talks and talks all day long
Learns new words every day
Puts words together like sentences
In the No phase and Why phase already
Loves to jump, dance and sing
Is counting almost all the way up to 10
And can sing some of her abcs
Enjoys painting usually with paint brushes but is starting to have fun using her hands
Loves to swing and slide and CLIMB especially at the park and at JCC
Goes to JCC on Tuesdays and Fridays
She likes going although she is not a fan of Daddy leaving
Hangs out with her friend Crystal alot there ( one of the teachers )
Loves going outside never wants to go in now that the weather is warmer
Does the cutest brrrrr nose and holds her arms together in front of her and shakes Too Cute
Loves wearing shoes and is the only thing she will make me buy her in the store
Loves her puppies talks about them all the time and loves Uncle’s Izzy
Knows her colors purple blue green yellow pink
Is very independent or at least really really wants to be walks up and down stairs be herself but will take a hand of she needs one (shhh don’t tell her)
Went to the circus
Is a very good eater most of the time
Is an amazing helper & listener
Wears panties all day and night!! with only accidents every once in a while
Rarely takes naps at home even at school she will skip her nap
Calls her brother sissy

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