Lionel @ 7 Months

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Is tall
Loves grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth especially books and papers
Wants everything he shouldn’t have
Plays with things that are not toys like lotion bottles, wipe packages, wipe case & especially strings
Still eats 5 times a day usually 8, 12, 4, 7 & 10
Just started eating breakfast this past week and dinner
Has eaten bananas, oatmeal cereal, apple sauce, peas, tried a grape
So far loves his fruit but we need to offer him more veggies (hard with season) will be better as spring gets here
Loves sitting on his potty and standing up from it holding my hands
Takes at least 2 naps, small one in the morning & longer one in afternoon
Doesn’t let me work to much if he is awake on my “work days”
Is very ticklish like his Daddy on his sides
Has a cute laugh but usually only comes fully out when you are tickling him and he is in a really good mood
Usually just makes cute goo sounds

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