Lionel @ 6 Months

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is tall
Has his 2 two bottom teeth one just peaking through
Loves when you play with him whether it is you throwing him around, up, swinging him around or just talking to him making fun faces and noises
Sits all by himself although we try to keep pillows around for when he tips although he doesn’t seem to mind falling over and usually does it on purpose
Loves books/papers and tries to eat them and rip them
Still takes 3 naps usually vary depending on what we are doing
Has eaten rice cereal but is only interested in it occasionally
Still sticks his tongue out a ton
Laughs and curls up when he squeals
Is in 12 month clothes
Has grown out of his car seat and bath tub
Took his first bath with his sister in his new bath seat
Is getting really good of grabbing whatever he wants (toys, plates, cups)
Loves watching me drink water and he puts his mouth on it and drools on the cup
Is getting stronger at standing
Has pooped in the potty once so far
Goes pee every once in a while
Seems like he is pretty close to saying DaDa GaGa Mmmmm
Loves his feet especially when naked
Tries to put everything in his mouth

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