Caprice @ 4 months

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…weighs 16lbs 2 ounces
…26″ long
…44cm head size
…is such a happy baby
…wakes up at 9-10AM with a big smile for mommy 🙂
…loves all her toys any stuffed animal
…plays with her play matt toys, elephant toys (she loves their noses to grab) octopus we call him Auto right now
…loves music
…does great on her tummy holds her head up high with her arms love her elegant neck my little turtle
…has rolled over 3 times from belly to back
…still loves to be on her back she laughs and kicks so fast
…but not as much as she loves to sit up can sit all by herself in her bimbo seat
…takes naps in her swing and sometimes in our bed (usually needs mommy or daddy next to her to fall asleep)
…sleeps very well in her own room she loves her crib and all the fun things and colors in her room
…eats five times a day
…loves bath time
…loves just to watch everything around her
…loves mommy and daddy and knows when we are the ones holding her
…is a very good girl though when grandparents watch her for a few hours
…has more and more energy
…wears 6 to 9 month clothes
…favorite thing to do is to brrrr with her lips which blows bubbles and lets out a lot of drool
…does good on her potty usually goes pee pee at least once in the potty everyday, like it because she lives to sit up so she plays with her feet and sits Indian style on her potty
…arms go up and rub her head and rubs her eyes when she gets tired

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