Caprice @ 3 months

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…weighs 15lbs
…height 26 inches
…loves to sleep
…takes her time waking up and usually has the happiest face for mommy when she does. one of my favorite moments of the day
…wakes up for a feeding around 6AM then sleeps until 9AM for another feeding
…does amazing on her tummy, picking her head up, chest, grabbing blankets with her hands, kicking her feet up, up and away looks like she is flying sometimes tummy time doesn’t last too long because Capri gets frustrated that she isn’t moving
…Capri’s favorite time is on her back on her playmat with her friends 🙂 she loves the music that plays with her matt 🙂
…loves her bath time although getting a little big for her whale tub and isn’t a fan of getting out
…laughs all the time especially when you are talking to her and playing with her
…grabbed at her feet for the first time exactly at 3 months
…loves to run and swing her arms on her back as she laughs
…starting to lift up her butt when she is on her back
…she is usually crazy happy when changing her diaper especially after a feeding or in the morning 🙂

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