First #NoSocialMediaSaturday

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One of my plans for 2022 is to stay off social media platforms on Saturdays this year. I usually check my phone throughout the day and find that when I’m bored or idle I reach for my phone.

If I want to stay off I can but it does have to be an intention of mine on that day or week to do so.

So I have decided to keep off social media platforms on Saturdays this year giving me 52 days free from these platforms for the year.

Just from my first #NoSocialMediaSaturday I can see this expanding but my goal will be one day a week for now.

It was pretty good day. Time moved a little slower. One reason I picked Saturday is that it is usually family day for us. So sometimes I don’t check social media anyway since we are busy spending time together. But after we are done with whatever we did that day I do usually take a break by doom scrolling.

But today I did not. I did catch myself almost hitting those buttons on my phone since it is such a habit but I caught myself. I did not limit my phone use on these days since I use my phone for a camera to catch memories and as a resource.

Today I was able to organize some photos, update my computer, clean my desktop and write blog posts instead of doom strolling. Things I usually want or need to do but don’t usually get too.

I have no interest in this extra time to be productive, it doesn’t need to be. But bonus when it is. I hope to just be able to be idle. Do nothing. Rest, Relax & Breathe.

Happy 2022!

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