August @ 5 Months

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  • Weighs 16 lbs & 10 ounces 
  • Is 27 1/2″ tall
  • Was a champ at his doctors apt this month & with his shots
  • Traveled to Buffalo to see his cousins
  • Can get his butt in the air when he is on his tummy 
  • Always rolls right over to his tummy to play
  • Can get his chest off the ground and can move better than you think he can 
  • Likes to suck on his big toes 
  • Still not a fan of diaper changes
  • Has gone pee pee in the potty and lots of times with no diaper
  • Varies on naps, still no set schedule since everyday is so different 
  • Has been eating more during the night and sleeps better next to us
  • Have no idea how we will get him to sleep in his crib yet 
  • Screams when he is not happy
  • Pinches & kicks
  • Can grab anything within reach and put it in his mouth
  • Seems to enjoy car rides most of the time
  • Is starting talk which we love to listen too. Sounds like actual words. A lot of it is DaDaDa. 
  • MaMaMa when he is upset 
  • Loves to fly in the air and bounce
  • Enjoys hanging out in the bouncer
  • Love love loves watching brother & sister

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