August @ 3 Months

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 This little boy is amazing! Such a happy and good little boy. 

  • Sleeps through the night 
  • Stays up with us at night sometimes & loves laying between us in our bed as we read
  • Laughs!! So cute, smiles so big!
  • Drools
  • Plays with his toys, grabs them & eats them
  • Almost gets his feet 
  • Loves to curl up having his feet up high. Especially when you take his diaper off. 
  • Loves to kick. 
  • Was a champ getting his shots, although it made Mommy pretty emotional 
  • Loves his bath in his little tub with no sling 
  • Does really good traveling with us everywhere
  • Spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa Moo with us and did great
  • Spent the whole day with Grandpa & Grandma while we were at a conference and was an awesome little man, with bottles and all
  • Is in 6 month clothes
  • Takes lots of little naps during the day and one big one
  • Love, loves, loves being held & carried 
  • Laughs at Sissy & Brother 

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