Lionel @ 8 Month

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Is starting to rock on his hands and feet
Eats breakfast and dinner usually bananas, yogurt, some of mommys muffin 🙂 then veggies for dinner peas, corn or sweet potatoes sometimes applesauce
Has 4 teeth 2 top 2 bottom
Likes to be outside
Enjoys swinging outside
Goes down the slide with lots of help from Mommy
Eats 5x a day still big boy
Loves sitting on the potty and pulls up on mommy to get up
Loves bath time
Loves that his big sister wants to play with him
Starting to talk more pretty close to mama and dada
Loves faces and pulling hair
Can stand pretty good by holding on things
Still curls up and squeals when he is really happy or excited
Rolling all around
Usually takes 2 naps one morning one and one afternoon

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