Lionel @ 5 months

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Weighs 19.5 lbs
Is tall
Is such a talker
Can grab and play with his feet
Loves belly time especially with no diaper on
Can almost sit up on his own. Still falls over in a short time but he is getting good.
Still does his baby sit-ups even when he is sleeping
Eats every 3-4 hours longer at night
Loves splishing and splashing in the whale tub which he is getting to big for
Takes 3-4 naps during the day. Mostly short ones but sometimes will take a long 2 hour nap
Loves bouncing in his bouncer. Especially when his sister helps him bounce and play in there
Practices walking in his bouncer
Can get his butt up when he is on his belly
Can slither and turn on his belly
Enjoys the swing. Capri loves to push him in the swing
Grabs at toys very well now and can chuck them pretty good
Screams when he is happy or upset
Only cry cries when he gets really overwhelmed
Loves when mommy or daddy fly him around the house
Loves his reflection. He is so handsome with his big beautiful blue eyes
His voice reminds me off Capri’s
Loves chewing on blankets
Screams when he is happy or upset

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