Caprice @ 18 Months

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Weighs 26 pounds
Is tall
Loves being a big sister
Gives kisses
Loves big hugs
Hates taking naps but still needs one in the afternoon and sleeps for hours once you get her to sleep
Is binky free
Loves to dance
Is a pretty good eater overall Miss Capri has her favorites like olives, black beans, oranges, grilled cheese, crackers, bread, pasta, French toast, mini pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt and raisins
Sleeps in her new twin bed
Loves to jump
Is potty trained, wears undies and training pants mostly still has an occasional accident
Loves to splash and play in her baths and clean Daddy’s arms
Would always be outside if she could
Has a great time at her daycare, plays with her friends and gets dropped off without tears now and shows you all around when you pick her up
Is talking but still not too clearly
Climbs on the couch by herself
Using mommy and daddy as her own personal jungle gym
Loves to be thrown
Talks to herself

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