Lionel @ One Month

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Weighs 12 lbs
Tall 21 inches
Has so much control over his head already and pretty much since he was born
Is soooo strong
Loves to be held and cuddled
Is a fighter… Kicks and kicks during diaper changes
Is getting more and more alert everyday
Still eats every 3 hours
Sounds like a chick muck sometimes
Makes crazy noises like grunting
Has a pretty loud cry
Snores like his Daddy
Loves his warm baths in the whale tub
Loves his sister watches and listens to her when she is close
Likes seeing his reflection
Enjoys belly time if he is in a good mood lifts he head right up and even can move himself
Loves to give kisses to mommy
Prefers to be held up right on ur shoulder or tummy to tummy
Seems like he is pretty close to rolling over from his back to tummy
Always wants to be held and walking around
Has a very strong grip
Likes holding your hand
Is so different than Caprice which I love but also am not sure how to handle

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