Caprice @ 8 Months

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…kicks her feet when she is happy/excited
loves loves loves to bounce πŸ™‚ especially with Mommy
…loves to sit & stand still not to much of a fan of being on her belly she just rolls over on her back
…can pull herself up pretty well with some help
…plays with all her toys interested in everything still no def favorites yet
…loves to play with balls especially with Apollo’s she thinks it’s fun to play with him
…is getting her top teeth not peeking through yet but they are there
…usually takes one long nap during the day
…she had her first christmas & enjoyed opening her gifts we thought she would love & eat the paper but as soon as she saw the toy she wanted it πŸ™‚
…wears 12 month clothes & is growing out of the smaller ones like her pjs
…sleeps through the night without making any noise which freaks out mommy & daddy
…she likes/loves snowglobes πŸ™‚ mommy bought her very first one for Christmas
…uses her big binkies now no more little ones
…has playdates with Logan where he rollovers around her & she just stares at him like what are you doing?
…eats all kinds of food & feeds herself some foods like puffs, oranges, bananas, chicken
…still feed her cereal with fruit, yogurt, sweet potato, squash, potato, blueberries <3, strawberries, etc
…tries to clap
…waves πŸ™‚
…like to hold her own bottle of milk all by herself


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