Caprice @ 5 months

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…weighs 17.8 lbs
…27″ long (mommy and daddy measuring)
…always has morning smiles for mommy and daddy
…loves to stands up
…plays in her bounce toy and fits in it now too although we are getting her a new one that she can really jump in because she kicks everything so she needs something to excerise those legs
…rattles and plays with any toy you give her
…loves music and being sung too (yes mommy has started on the christmas songs already)
…loves to put everything in her mouth
…loves to watch and pet the puppies
…eat once a day rice cereal or oatmeal
…squeaks whenever I pick her up (most times) 🙂
…eats 5 times a day
…is such an amazing little girl / my angel she is growing so fast
…loves just to watch everything around her going on
…usually takes 1 or 2 naps in the day depends when she wakes in the morning
…still loves bath time even though she is getting big for her little whale tub
…laughs and giggles in the air although mommy’s arms get tired fast
…smiles and talks to her reflection especially in the big mirror in the bathroom
…loves to talk to you and makes the cutest noises
…started sucking on her tongue but does this less and less now as well
…goes potty sometime 1 – 3 times a day in her little toilet or big potty


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