Caprice @ 2 months

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…weighs 13 llbs 3 ounces
…measures 25 inches!!!
…head size 40 cm
…stays awake longer and has her eyes open a lot more
…think she is smiling more on purpose now and she is one happy baby
… likes to suck on her hands and sometimes gets her tumb mostly gets her fist like her daddy used to
…started giving her the binky when she wants to suck on her hands because we realize we can eventually take that away
…still loves tummy time moves her head around pretty good and talks the most on tummy time
…watches faces and follows us around with her eyes
…we call her Miss Bubbles, Naked Baby, Storie
…has an amazing grip
…looks at her puppies
…farting away (silent but deadly) (lol)

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