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Photo Bomb


When you try to take a nice picture just the two of you!


Removing Nail Wraps

This is how I remove my jams!! I usually use heat & Jamberry’s nail oil or I use Jamberry wrap remover.

Just to let you know how easy it is to remove your nail wraps. I took this video while my 9 month old played on the floor next to me!! Once again why I love Jamberry! I get hang out with my little one and do something creative, like shoot a movie!!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. I plan to shoot an application one too so let me know what you like and think could be better. Thanks!

Removing Your Jamberry Nail Wraps from Elaine Michele on Vimeo.

August @ 6 Month

  • Has tried sweet potato & peas 
  • Loves to hold the spoon himself but mostly just spits it out 
  • Spent a night away from mommy and did great (Mommy did a painting night & spent the night at Ashley’s for her 30th birthday!!)
  • Just wants to watch & play with sister & brother all day long 
  • Laughs & giggles at Caprice 
  • Can sit up by himself 
  • Still seems to eat on demand every 2-3 hours
  • Likes to take a small nap in the morning around 10
  • Then sometimes takes one long nap in the afternoon or 2 little ones throughout the rest of the day
  • Can roll on his belly & back to his back
  • He is getting his legs underneath himself on his belly 
  • He can push up with his legs on his back and scoot backwards
  • Loves going for walks in the stroller
  • Not a huge fan of being in the carrier, he would rather stroll
  • Loves his bouncer 
  • Puts everything in his mouth and has amazing hand rye coordination 
  • Holds his bottle when he gets one
  • Loves sleeping with mom & dad
  • Is outgrowning his baby bathtub and his 9 MONTH clothes!!
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Enjoys sitting on his little potty and does pretty good going pee pee in it

August @ 5 Months


  • Weighs 16 lbs & 10 ounces 
  • Is 27 1/2″ tall
  • Was a champ at his doctors apt this month & with his shots
  • Traveled to Buffalo to see his cousins
  • Can get his butt in the air when he is on his tummy 
  • Always rolls right over to his tummy to play
  • Can get his chest off the ground and can move better than you think he can 
  • Likes to suck on his big toes 
  • Still not a fan of diaper changes
  • Has gone pee pee in the potty and lots of times with no diaper
  • Varies on naps, still no set schedule since everyday is so different 
  • Has been eating more during the night and sleeps better next to us
  • Have no idea how we will get him to sleep in his crib yet 
  • Screams when he is not happy
  • Pinches & kicks
  • Can grab anything within reach and put it in his mouth
  • Seems to enjoy car rides most of the time
  • Is starting talk which we love to listen too. Sounds like actual words. A lot of it is DaDaDa. 
  • MaMaMa when he is upset 
  • Loves to fly in the air and bounce
  • Enjoys hanging out in the bouncer
  • Love love loves watching brother & sister



Kids made their pizzas.


Mommy’s & Daddy’s


My pizza all cooked.



A delicious salad with Spinach, carrots, eggs, sausage, peppers tomatoes, mozzarella cheese ranch dressing with a side of pears. A shot glass of strawberry juice & water. 




Started the morning right  with 2 eggs, 100% whole wheat English muffin, granola with dried blueberries, Enjoy Life chocolate chips & banana. Enjoyed this great breakfast with delicious ice coffee with almond milk.  Note I am breastfeeding so my portion size is a little lager than normal.  This was actually a little big even for me but I went to Baby Bootcamp with August later & was satisfied till lunch later. 

August @ 4 Months


  • Loves to be outside. Going for a walk in the stroller, swinging in the backyard, laying on a blanket in the grass or on the trampoline.
  • Is ticklish under the arms, feet & on his right side when I give him kisses on his cheeks & neck 
  • Loves holding hands 
  • Still seems to be eating every 2-3 hours sometimes 3-4 hours. 
  • Sleeps through the night feeding once or twice 
  • Is in 6 month clothes 
  • Loves naked time & peeing with no diaper on 
  • Tried putting him in the potty, hated the first time I think the hard plastic scared him, but will sit (with lots of help) on his little potty for a little while cracking it out 
  • Loves Mommy’s boobs. 
  • Is such a good baby but he is starting to get angry if we put him down, decides he’s hungry, not a fan of diaper changes 
  • Smiles & laughs with you <3
  • Likes to play peak a boo with blankets putting them over his head
  • Is always kicking he is so long
  • Favorite belly time is on mommy & daddy’s chest

August @ 3 Months

 This little boy is amazing! Such a happy and good little boy. 

  • Sleeps through the night 
  • Stays up with us at night sometimes & loves laying between us in our bed as we read
  • Laughs!! So cute, smiles so big!
  • Drools
  • Plays with his toys, grabs them & eats them
  • Almost gets his feet 
  • Loves to curl up having his feet up high. Especially when you take his diaper off. 
  • Loves to kick. 
  • Was a champ getting his shots, although it made Mommy pretty emotional 
  • Loves his bath in his little tub with no sling 
  • Does really good traveling with us everywhere
  • Spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa Moo with us and did great
  • Spent the whole day with Grandpa & Grandma while we were at a conference and was an awesome little man, with bottles and all
  • Is in 6 month clothes
  • Takes lots of little naps during the day and one big one
  • Love, loves, loves being held & carried 
  • Laughs at Sissy & Brother